Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hypnosis, Does It Really Work?

It is year 2008 now and after some time it will be very far past, and since the time hypnosis has been discovered, to effect the part of our brain responsible for sleep and subconscious decisions many attempts have been made to hypnotize the greatest people throughout the world. Many women and men tried and still do that to make the other part to fell in love with them or do some actions against their will. There are many opinions that most of the terrorist attacks have been committed by people being hypnotized some time earlier.

I knew a person who I thought was hypnotized by a man she got married with. At the beginning she didn’t like him at all. I have to tell you, she was gorgeous, yes, more than just beautiful. And he was a person who we can say an accountant type, nobody notices him and anything about his life. I have no idea how she got married with him. Some might argue with me telling how about great personality, money or just being nice, he could conquer her with that. I’m sorry, but I have to tell you that this love story ended very sad. She committed a suicide after couple month of marriage I cannot think anything else than hypnosis, and it is very dangerous when you do it to play with person’s feeling.

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