Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Why Do Men Lie

All of us lie. Deliberately, unintentionally, for good, for bad some time in a lifetime we all lie. Just thinking which one is better- many small or one big lie? Neither of them is good, but I personally agree that a lie for good that can save lives is worth and should be done considering the situation. I don’t know was it good or not, but my friend got into a net called marriage in one of those for “good” called lies. She met a man that was smart enough to tell he that he was 39 while he was almost 46 just to date her. My poor friend thought he was just not in a good shape and believed him. Three months later they got married, six months after she found out the truth, but it was too late. Let me tell you, my friend is 26 years young, turning 27. Still young.

So I met the guy and didn’t like him. People think of me as a divorce attorney who wants everybody get divorced. But hey, I don’t get any profit out of it! I am just trying to help people. I just don’t like when people lie to me and if I see someone else lying it makes me upset. And in this case I would understand my friend, but she even doesn’t love him. Feeling secure? No! He doesn’t have a house, even a car. It’s hard to imagine a person in America not having a car. There is even a saying about American people living in their cars. Do you think she would not date and marry him if she knew his real age? I don’t think so. It’s natural- people age and as the time passes they are given certain number. I can’t recall my last big or small lie, but I definitely have one. The only thing I hope my next date will not lie to me about having HIV.

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