Wednesday, October 1, 2008

One Of The Reasons Of Divorce Is Marriage

As I promised you earlier that I will talk about my ex-husband and all those family issues. Psychotherapists talk about all kinds of issues today, they even create issues that are not issues. But is you think they are the main issues themselves. Divide the word psychotherapist into three parts Psycho- the- rapist and you will see that the only issue is themselves.

Not that I don’t like them, they truly serve to our society and try to make it mentally healthier, just waiting when it’s all will work. Anyway, back to my own issues that overload my brain box. It has been almost 6 years and by now I can assure you that I am over it and can provide 98% truthful information. He was young and handsome when we just met. We were friends for almost a year and his best friend became my best friend, I will talk about him in the section of my best friends

Women have intuition that most of the species lack, and with the help of the same sense I felt he wanted to date me himself when other friend was introducing me his friends as potential that I would consider to date. Time passes by, he keeps quiet. One cold February evening he invites me to his apartment. Being friends for so long with both of them I have been to their places on various occasions, this time was very special. I did not know about it however. I had no doubt of other people coming. 20:30 we were alone, my body trembles under the warm sweater. Wonderful dinner, movie that none of us is watching. Oh, I forgot I had an ice-cream! Believe me, it was part of the plan.


Marriage Can Wait said...

You should expand the story! It was a good start.

Robert said...

I totally agree. Marriage, when good, is good at best! To be with someone, outside of the legalities and technicalities of marriage, and have that person be with you because he or she WANTS to, and not HAS to, is better than someone stuck in it! No divorce!
Makes sense to me!