Tuesday, September 30, 2008

You Have No New Messages

My philosophy professor was a very funny and sarcastic man. He mentioned to all 80% of female population of the class in one of his lectures that if you met a guy and you exchanged numbers- do not call him first. Let him call you, if not he will never call, no matter how you guard the phone 24/7. Now, after so many years I still remember what he said and try to follow his wise advice. My answering machine was constantly telling me with it’s rude and snobbish voice “You have no new messages!”.

Women pay attention to all minor details, that is why they age faster and experience all kinds of temper changes that some people call “she became such a b!”. That explains everything. Just one new nice message a day could change her day, maybe a week or even life. Would you go to your female dentist if she have been hearing no new messages whole week? Me neither. Coming from a culture where woman never makes the first step I was quite concerned if I should call first or wait, especially I heard enough about men who sit behind the screen and can type anything you want to hear, but then afraid to call you. So forget about meeting.

Feminists were fighting for the rights of women to vote, to lead, to make their own choices, but what about simple phone call? Did they think about it? What would they say? Since they want everybody be at the same level of rights and responsibilities they would say it does not matter. Then it becomes subject of ethics or more of common sense. I heard common sense is no longer common nowadays. I might be wrong, but I’m very open minded to any ideas and suggestions, because I’m waiting for a call. And cannot make it myself yet.

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