Friday, September 26, 2008

“David, Chair Or Monster-in-law”

Ok, now I found a very nice apartment with a beautiful view I need some furniture. First I thought of Ikea, but before that decided to give a chance to local brands. Sofa, boudoir, and some accessories. I don’t want to tell the name of the store because all single women will rush there after what I saw there. No, not a sofa or boudoir, not even close. Something much better.
Have you seen the stature of David by Michelangelo? Amazing, isn’t it? So I have seen it alive, and in furniture store! Again, I’m not telling you the location. No.

Anyway, his name was Al and I came home not only with my furniture but also with someone who brought it and put it together. I just love furniture stores now! Not that I am looking for men with a David’s body type and looks like Keanu Reeves, but at the same time the statement that people say in my country that for man it is enough of beauty if he is a little better than a gorilla.

They say men are visual and women are auditory, in other words love with their ears. It is not all true, women love little beauty as well. Anyway, back to my Apollo or David, we started dating and seeing each other once or twice a week. Considering the distance of 70 miles between us it was getting harder and harder to drive back and forth for my carpenter. That was not the only concern of mine, more was his female friends. Not that I am a jealous type, just if there is a smoke - look for a fire.

I have never met so many people through any of my boyfriends than with him. Every week he would introduce me at least to ten new people, friends of him. I even started become thankful when they would leave us by ourselves at night. We somehow could cope there alone. Disasters strike us unwarned. My little boy’s mommy was coming to live with him. He was terrified, imagine how I felt. I should mention that I have a big experience with mother-in-laws and prefer not to go through that path again if I have a choice. So between boyfriend with a great body and looks but the one that comes in a package with a mother-in-law for me and freedom but further unfurnished apartment I have chosen the latter. It might tell something different about me than people imagine, but that was my choice and I believe it was right one. Is it right that the bets place is where we are not?

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