Thursday, October 9, 2008

What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas

Nothing yet. But I have been invited there by my another date. His type of job says executive management, I guess same kind of BS job where people do nothing and get paid more than engineer dealing with real problems. At this point I realized that less you work more you get paid. So I’m expecting some kind of corporate guy in nice cloth, nice car and busy with his Blackberry. Honestly not my type of men. He is at least good looking and was very nice over the phone and me being young and beautiful I am going with my friend there. Having been given how to spend the best vacation in Vegas I will try to use them all and come back all refreshed and satisfied with my trip.

Amazing, to me it seems like an oasis in the middle of desert. Until I have seen it. It would be totally unacceptable for a girl to travel too meet with a guy in my culture, but I’m here, in a different country and should play by the rules established here. Have to say that being a sugarbabe is not an easy job. Great shows, musicals and best restaurants- who does not want it all? I don’t know what excites me more: my new date or my trip to Vegas. But it’s definitely something that I love to do.

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Hey Gula! Thanks for your visit to my blog. I definitely enjoyed yours too!