Sunday, October 5, 2008

Would I Ever Date A Woman

My last trip to jewelry store brought me some intriguing acquaintances. A middle aged woman approached me, she was very well dressed and very beautiful. “You want that ring dear?”, she asked as coming my way. I was immediately on a “be careful” mode and since I saw she wasn’t an employee there and obviously not my mom or friend her tone and question distracted me. She gave me couple of compliments about my looks saying it was unusual to meet an Asian girl in this state. An invitation for cup of coffee, business card and hint about that ring being mine was a bit overwhelming. It was obvious she wanted me to spend the night or two with her in her place.

Crazy idea came to me, I wanted to experience how it is being with woman, especially if she is a sugarmomma. Not the compensation but the excitement of being kissed by woman was intriguing me. I wished the only thing- she was a man, especially since my sugar daddy left me for work in Saudi Arabia.

I wanted someone to take care of me and Rose was so nice to me and called me next day inviting to a pool party. I have to admit she was very strong and possessive woman. All of her friends were nice and friendly to me, but I was feeling the eyes telling “Look what Rose found now. Poor child, she needs some upgrade and furs”. And I really felt like a soaked bird, losing it’s furs.

I suppose I could expect new furs and golden cage. But I realized with the first touch she gave me- not me, but my body reacted and I was covered with goose pumps. I really like men. No I love men and prefer being loved by men only. Another proof that opposites do attract.

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