Thursday, October 2, 2008

Dating A Shorter Guy

Same place where I have met a lot of nice people one day I’m receiving a letter from a man without a picture. Usually if they don’t have pictures there is a note stating a supply of picture via some other resources. He did not mention any of those. I do not consider myself shallow, but I did want to see how he looked like. Week later I saw a picture in his profile. First thing I have noticed was his big nose, and believe it or not I always had a respect for people with big noses. I just have a feeling that an owner of big nose must be a nice person. Two conversations over the phone made me believe in my theory even more. Being an attorney he knew to speak the right thing and was very truthful. The first date we had was a very nice restaurant I liked and he let me pick that. I was never one of those girls who have a list of restaurants they go only and they always want to be the one who picks. I prefer man to take charge in that department.

He arrived earlier or maybe on time, but I was late ( last date I had I was early for twenty minutes and did not know what to do). He was sitting at the table and I went there without him to come and inviting me. We had a wonderful food and conversation went well. Certainly after ten minutes of first glance you know if you would like to have a second date or not. Doubts came to me after we stood up. He was much shorter than me. I got embarrassed as we were walking though the tables. He was very nice and polite and I was concerned about my face, specifically my facial expression. I did not want to hurt the guy and show my embarrassment on my face.

I am 5’6 and his profile details were telling 5’6 as well, so I did not wear heels and still he was much shorter than me. He did not call me, but wrote me a note asking if I want to have another date. Two days later I got sick and when I told him that he asked me if I don’t want to see him again I can tell him that honestly and he will understand. I felt really bad for the guy. I assumed he had that situation before. I don’t know if it is women who feel more secure behind the tall guy or him thinking nobody wants a short guy. While I was sick my ex called me asking for a second chance and since I loved him dearly and missed him a lot, the answer was positive. I don’t know if I was lying to myself or just hoping he had changed but I wanted to love him again forgetting all those short and strange guys. So our first short date was the last date.

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