Monday, November 24, 2008

Interracial Dating

I would say it all depends on the location. I don’t think you will encounter such a thing in let’s say Alabama as often as in South Florida or some other metropolitan areas. I was one of the people being charmed by exotic men.

At the same time they find me exotic as well. Not so many Asian people around here. I just can’t help preferring mulatto men. They are so handsome, well-built and passionate lovers. At least the ones I have met. I had no boring moment with 2 men I dated in a period of a year. Each of them have introduced me to the things I didn’t know before. New drinks, food, entertainment and different system of values. I felt how free spirited my men were and I started feeling the same.

Unfortunately interracial dating can face it’s dead end when the family, community you live in and friends influence you more than 50% of your decisions. Some people give up so easily on the way to the happiness, and I wasn’t one of them. You get confused when you don’t know what you want- I knew. I just wanted to be happy. If a person can make me happy, other factors like age, race, nationality and religion do not make any difference to me. Time was passing by and I guess I had my own expectations according to my own culture, maybe I was expecting being kidnapped and married. Nothing was happening. My man was passionate, caring, loving but didn’t want to kidnap me. In other words to marry me.

So all my defense I was building against the society didn’t have to be used. I realized that my black men were scared to death of the commitment as any other white or Asian men. So that proved me that there is no difference between men at least. They are all afraid of the ring that will chain them to one single woman, kids, meeting parents and speaking publicly. In a closing I have to admit that there are no any specific tips how to date outside of your race, culture and street. Just be yourself and one day you will find someone who loves you just for you.

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