Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tips On How To Get Rid Of A Man

Not long time passes by and oops, he is not the right one. I just feel sorry for all the energy wasted on him. Anyway, it’s time to move on. Plan your break up in details. What if you will never, ever meet him in this world again and you forgot your favourite toothbrush in his house or he forgot the red socks you gave him on Valentine’s Day. Don’t do anything after 5 minutes you have decided to get rid of him.

Calm down, go to the spa or even take a little getaway vacation and then only pack his stuff. Write down all the reasons you are breaking up with him, put in a plastic cover and tape it to his suite case or bag, or even his car. Remember, even the most miserable thing needs an explanation, so we don’t want to leave him without that. Whatever the reason of your break-up do not cry.

You don’t want him to remember you as some weak hysteric woman, don’t you? So, don’t do it.
Be very clear and don’t break anything, that’s why spa relaxation is very good. If you have some material belongings that you share custody for it might take a little longer and you two have to sit and talk about it. Don’t feel sorry for him if he has to go back to his mom’s basement to reside. Or don’t feel tempted to stay with him, even though if you know he is not right for you only because you have to go back to your mom’s house or pay a high rent.

Sometimes it’s hard to part with a man who keeps telling you that he loves and stalks you around. As we all know life is too short and why would anybody waste extra hour, extra breath, extra heart beat on someone who is not the ONE?

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