Sunday, November 9, 2008

How To Make The Right Decision

To make a decision is always hard, but the right one is the hardest. Torture for me is to choose between ice cream and cheesecake for dessert but now it’s time to make some bigger decisions. Six months ago when I was dating my current boy friend I didn’t know whether to leave him or let life go until it gets too serious. Six months is already too serious for me so I was about to make my right decision. But how to make a right one? These tips helped me to figure it out:

Divide a piece of paper into two columns and list all pros and cons (separately of course J );

Trust your stomach. No, you are not going to eat and see what happens, no. Just close your eyes and think about the decision you want to make and each of the options. How does your stomach feel when you think of each of the options? Guess what, it will tell you which is the right one.

Plan it. When you will write everything on the paper it will be more clear to find out. Plan for the next week, month or even a year and you’ll see.

And the last one. Be honest with yourself. Analyze the environment, yourself, him and you two together. If you aren't honest to yourself, nobody else is going to be.

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goodbadandugly2 said...

This is so true! Good advice! :)