Tuesday, November 18, 2008

How To Find A Man On A Desert Island

Here are some tips if you ever happen to be on a deserted island and you find yourself looking for a date for Saturday night. Some of them may sound hard to accomplish, but essential survival tips on a dating scene still might be helpful. Before you can find anyone to date on a deserted island you need to get yourself into better shape.

Let’s start from the head. I mean what’s on it. I don’t think many would be interested what’s in it on the island. At least at the beginning, let’s hope. So, try to find an avocado tree and pick up some plants and make a mask for your hair. Put the paste on and wrap around with some big leaves. Rinse thoroughly after 45 minutes. You can time it by the sun. Let’s say you have put it when the sun was over the first palm tree on the row and you can rinse it when it will be over the 5th palm tree. Or something like that. Anyway. It will make your hair shine so strongly that maybe even someone on the next deserted island will notice it and swim by.

Your skin might get dry from the salty water, sun and sand so our next goal is to find at least a coconut tree because the nut’s milk is a good moisturizer for the skin on an everyday basis. Put it on every time you have showered in the ocean or fresh water river found somewhere in the middle of the island if you're lucky. Back to the skin. Yes, sun and sand damages our skin a lot if we do not take good care of it.

Since you will not have access to the best French perfumes and as we all know men like their women smelling good you will have to try to find some flowers that smell nice. Make a necklace out of them or squeeze their juices and put this liquid on your wrist, back neck and lower neck (that’s where they usually kiss).
So now, you are all ready to meet the man of your dreams and good luck in your hunt to find him!

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