Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Keys To Successful Relationship

Love. It can be the reason you are in relationship, but it also can be one of the reasons of breaking up. How come? Easily. The consequences of love are tremendous and devastating. Jealousy is the biggest reason of dramas, tragedies and sometimes even divorce. To keep love and be in happy, peaceful and successful relationship I just decided to share with my experience. However, not so many people learn from other’s mistakes, in order to learn and remember you have to make that mistake yourself. Still I hope there are really smart people who will think twice and remember my tips before doing or saying something that could cause irreversible effects and hurt loved one’s heart.

1. Give space to each other. It will help to keep the feeling of missing each other all the time.
2. Do not forget to thank him/her for the things they do for you or towards the relationship and well being of two of you.
3. Pay attention to details. Perfection is not achievable goal, but we are not pursuing it. Just as making sure that he has hot coffee while he is working or she has her favourite chocolate in one of the kitchen drawers is a big deal.
Love itself builds on non-forgettable details. So let’s work on it.
4. Distinguish roles in your relationship. Let him be a man and enjoy being woman yourself. Or other way around. Being a woman has it’s own advantages and every woman discovers it around the age of 14-16. Some women forget about that and start to control a man, which doesn’t lead anywhere. When men try to control, I just say simple “Ok”, let him enjoy his patriarchal role and do my own way. And everybody is happy.
5. Always be honest. Trust him/her and do not let other people to get involved in your personal life and ruin it. If you stop trusting him/her try to talk or move on. Just be honest with yourself first.
6. Respect each other. His/her friends, family and their lifestyle.
7. Money issue is one of the biggest cause of conflicts. The ways how person spends the money he has earned can gain him respect or contrary. Unfortunately we live in a materialistic world and everything costs money,

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