Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tips On How To Forget A Man

It will never happen. Yes, that is true and that is my verdict for today. Unless you get some amnesia, in that case you might be lucky to forget him forever. But as for now, let’s try to forget him in terms of short period of time like stop crying every once in a while into the pillow and stop seeing him in every man across the street and think about the options that we have. I did a lot of dating and breaking up , so I know what I’m talking about.

One of the best methods was to get a new guy to forget an old one. Don’t look at me like that! Nobody is using anybody. It’s all about helping. Helping yourself and your loved ones. Anyway, it always used to work on me. I remember to forget a scientist I found a programmer, then to forget him I found a teacher, then insurance agent, engineer, and even just an unemployed.
Going shopping would be the other great way to forget a man. Not exciting but for the beginning just browsing can be a big thing when the world crashes. Women concentrate on details, tiny things so the assortment of the malls will keep our minds out of that pig in pants.

Some prefer ice-cream, some flan and some chocolate. I just take a gum. Yes, you heard it, gum. You know how annoying it can be when other person is chewing it, but when you do it, oh, it is so relaxing and makes you stop thinking at all. I mean you’re not capable of thinking anymore. If it makes you feel better you may imagine that it is him and every chew becomes even a pleasure.
And of course any destination vacation. New environment and people always bring new emotions and life begins over and over again, even in 50, it is just a beginning!

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