Monday, November 10, 2008

Tips On How To Find A Man

Not that hard, but not easy either. You always have to be alert and keep your eyes open. You never know where the man of your dreams is hiding. Look everywhere, even in the trash room! Of course don’t look through trash- he is definitely not there but he might be just a nice eco friendly guy who is recycling his bottle of wine. And do not forget to wear lipstick all the time.

We could eliminate some potential places we don’t want to meet our men, but being romantic we should consider all places like: Laundromat, beaches, law offices ( a man can be getting a divorce), all kinds of concerts, plays and balls.

Let’s say you met him in Starbucks. What is next? Ok, you have to remember that we are not looking for just a “man”, we are in search of right man. After first glance pay attention to his shoes. Good quality and tasteful shoes never belong to some sloven, and we don’t want some cheap men either. Next is the watch on his wrist. If they are Asahi, forget about him and concentrate on someone else. Each hair counted haircut is the peak of elegance of men. I don’t consider shaven hair to be haircut. After quick inspection he turns out to be a considerable candidate. Don’t stare at him but as soon as he looks at your side wink at him and turn back ( don’t forget little smile on your face).
He will wonder who you are and will approach you within 5 minutes. All that will follow is totally up to you. Just don’t screw it up.

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