Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Many Reasons I Like Men

Why do I like men? First because I am a woman. Or it’s already abnormal nowadays for women to prefer men? I think I will stay with those instincts given us with blood. Before I get carried away again, let me tell quickly the reasons I like men. Men are much cleaner ( I see your smile), if you would live or school with only women- the degradation process will take week or even less, but mixed communities much longer or even progress under some circumstances.

With men you don’t have to gossip about some cute guy or your best friend. They take 2 minutes for shower, don’t use make up, not obsessed with shopping and will never sleep with your husband. Most of all men play by rules, give you flowers and nice gifts. They might be very helpful around the house: reach for the thing you cannot, fix the broken things or change the light bulb. If they cheat on you one day- you can always substitute them.