Sunday, November 2, 2008

10 And 1 Reasons I Don’t Like Women

1. They never can keep a secret.
2. Most of them are dumb, even though they might not reveal it first time, but it becomes clear shortly after.
3. They claim they are clean creatures, but anything except their make up is a mess.
4. They lie too often, sometime even without any reason. Just for the sake of it.
5. By the age of 50 they have done more than 50 plastic surgeries.
6. They can’t keep the same personality 7 days in a row.
7. They pretend too much.
8. They get too wild if they have too much of freedom, money and power.
9. Some have no idea what self-respect means.
10. First cold as ice, then melt like an ice-cream, then who wants to drink warm milk?
11. Watch out if they have a little beauty. They use that weapon more than anything else.

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