Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tips On How To Get A Man

First of all you have to find him. As I told you all the tricks how to find him in my previous article, now after we found him it’s time to make him yours. By saying make him “yours” I don’t mean own him, control him or keep him out of reach of the children etc. Just some tricks so that he will do it all by himself. Make sure you complete all the steps.
OK, You met online and here is your first date.
1. First impression is the impression he will have of you forever. So don’t dare to wear sneakers for the first date. At the same time don’t overdress.
2. Don’t talk too much or sit as a fish. Fish, don’t order it if you don’t know how to use fish fork or learn about table etiquette before your date.
3. Write down all the questions you want to ask and read through at home so you don’t come home from a date and still you know nothing about him.
4. Be very feminine and don’t make your silly jokes that all your friends love.
Only close friends get them and he is just a stranger so far.
5. Let him choose the place but don’t let him pick you up. Especially from your house.
6. And last but most important- offer to pay for half of the bill. He doesn’t have to pay for you but if he does it’s only a plus towards him and offering is a plus towards you.

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