Friday, November 28, 2008

Pioneers Of Online Dating

With the boom of online dating in the 90s I didn’t stay aside of the picture. I had to find a virtual boyfriend, date him, fall in love with him and marry him. Anyway, it wasn’t that hard. I posted my picture and wrote some basics about me and started receiving letters from members of the opposite sex. One of the two keys to get a lot of responses as I learned was to take a good picture with a smiling face and write good and positive things about yourself. I just couldn’t remember any negative things about myself. At least at that moment. Who cares, good impression was my priority. Anyway, I met a very sweet guy from Turkey, who originally was from Kazakhstan

He was doing his Masters there and was missing his home, friends and needed a nice girl like me to talk to on a lonely evening. We exchanged letters almost every day, chatted on weekends and he used to call me every two weeks. After six months we knew each other better than my friends I have spent years with. He wrote about his love in a poem I still keep in my mind. Sweet seventeen…

A year passes by and he visits me in my country during his summer vacation. It was my most romantic date I ever had. Until now. Are all women like this or only me? I say that one day I’ll be eighty something and sitting on my terrace and watching the sunset and remembering my most romantic date I have ever had.

My city. I didn’t recognize it, I just couldn’t. I was flying on the same streets I used to take a walk on. I couldn’t consume any food, I had to chew it and I didn’t have time for that. I was just sipping juice. And love. Those two things kept me on my feet or wings. The rose he gave me was the most tender thing my lips ever touched. Oh, about lips. The kiss he gave me made me lose my consciousness and the law of gravity wasn’t working on me. There is at least one man in each woman’s life that she regrets letting go of. He is the one in mine. When it was just too much of happiness I just couldn’t take it and maybe will think about it sitting on my terrace years later.

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