Wednesday, November 5, 2008

New Way To Find Out If It’s Mr. Right

One company in Switzerland made a research to hire people based upon how they eat. Yes, they invited them over to the restaurant and the interview was how people ate. Innocent people didn’t know about the experiment being held on them. I think one of the best ways to find out if it is Mr. Right is not going to the fancy restaurants with him, but follow him in the car and see how he drives. If he speeds, never let other people go (especially women), honks and demonstrates other rude behaviors on the road- he cannot be good guy for you. I don’t think men would do that with you in the car, but they do get wild when they have that wheel in their hands and no one can criticize them.

I had a chemistry teacher who I respected a lot and today I saw him driving. His windows were down and he didn’t let me go into his lane, because mine ended and acted as if he didn’t see me. Then he speed up (going at least 55 on 35 road). He was very nice to me while tutoring and giving me hints that he would like to ask me out. I was so happy today that I never went out with him, so from now on I want to test my potential dates on the road. Sounds funny, but that’s what reveals an animal sitting deep inside that they show years after when it‘s too late.

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mssc54 said...

You see... the only problem with this is that anyone with any sense at all will be "better" than they usually are the first time.

It's really easy to be "better" for little parts at a time. ;)