Tuesday, November 25, 2008

How To Spend Thanksgiving If You Are Alone

The reason we celebrate Thanksgiving goes back to the ship “Mayflower” and the people who came on it. I came to this country two years ago on a British airways plane. I bet tickets at the time of the Mayflower were much cheaper than British airline’s. Anyway, since I live here now I feel I’m obliged to celebrate Thanksgiving. I have my own stuff to thank god for such as the people in my life but the problem is I’m alone.

So I purchased tickets to Oregon and from there to Montana. Might not be the best idea at the end of November to be buying tickets but I heard when it’s cold people want to be close to each other (physically) and all kinds of warm feelings. Being such an adventurer and always looking for love I cannot miss such an opportunity this coming winter.

I will post my whole report after I hunt for some tough men in cold places.
So watch out, men!

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Kim said...

Good luck on your hunt for a good man. And happy Thanksgiving to you!